Shared Masternode and Proof of Stake in one place!

If you want to invest in masternode and do not have enough to create one alone, join us.

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4Stake - Masternode - PoS

As Caesar said:
Divide et impera , that is, Divide and Conquer.

"Divide et impera"


Starting from the premise that is necessary to divide to conquer, services such as 4stake arise, a service that makes it possible to divide a large investment into smaller parts in order to make it accessible to all. coins needed to make a masternode, allowing you to be part of the service with low values ​​and be proportionally rewarded for it.

Join us!

Do not have enough for a masternode?

You can have dimensions in several masternodes, of several currencies.


FEE of 5-10% of the reward of the masternode And nothing else.

Cold wallet

For security we prefer installations using cold wallet, if the currency supports.

Daily Payments

Once the reward is received by the masternode, your part is already going to the pay queue.

Transaction History

Cash withdrawals, deposits and rewards are recorded.

Affiliate System

Earn commission on the rewards of whom you indicate up to 3 levels.


Questions and Answers

P.What is a masternode?

R. Masternodes is a dedicated service to perform confirm instant transactions and enable anonymous transactions for some coins and in return receive rewards for that. addresses with X numbers of coins in them that are not moved for long periods of time.

P.What are the FEE?

R. Our rate may vary from currency to currency, but it is in the range of 5% to 10%, not exceeding that.

P.What is a shared masternode?

R. "FAQR03" => "R. Basicamente é um serviço que possbilita você investir em um masternode sem possuir 100% do seu valor, no caso da 4Stake a partir de 1% do valor já é possivel abrir masternode.

P.Is there a deposit fee?

R. There is no deposit fee, the only fee that exists is the one that maintains the service costs which is the FEE of the gains.

Questions and Answers